Granite Countertop Guide

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Plaza Club Online is in love with granite countertops. Granite countertops are beautiful. Their classic elegance radiates in the bathroom and kitchen, and also matched with exceptional longevity, the granite kitchen counters you choose may be the last counter tops your residence will certainly ever before need.

Countertops made from granite require some TLC, and also they’re not cheap. But, if you’re dedicated to their care and also upkeep, granite counter tops will deliver the appearance and performance you desire for decades to find.

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In this granite counter tops guide, you’ll find the information you need to decide whether or not your following counter tops will be created from this handsome, sturdy product. The details can be used to contrast this product to marble and other materials you could be taking into consideration.

What You Ought To Find Out About Granite Countertops

Granite is an all-natural stone, quarried from huge igneous stone down payments discovered all over the world. It starts as molten lava that flows right into various other rock frameworks as well as cools gradually. Learn more here:

The rock is normally fairly harsh as well as distinctive, but when it is ground and brightened during the counter top production process, it tackles a smooth surface area with abundant radiance.

Granite is included a many different minerals that give each countertop slab an one-of-a-kind and also attractive look. As an example, granite high in feldspar will certainly have rich red or pink highlights. Mica creates brownish or black veining while quartz offers pink, white or black shades to the stone.

The variants throughout the rock are thought about preferable since they give the piece personality and separate it from others. Because of this, it is necessary to choose pieces quarried from the exact same rock to make certain that the shade and also quantity of veining are comparable.

When you go buying granite counter tops, you’ll locate a variety of shades and “looks” to pick from, as well as matching the best shade and stone look to your layout plan becomes part of the enjoyable.

Granite Countertops Pros and Cons

There are lots of appealing reasons to choose granite counter tops, yet a couple of cautions must be thought about before you choose them for your home. Allow’s take a look at the staminas and weaknesses of granite counter tops.

Granite Kitchen Counter Benefits:

  • Amongst one of the most beautiful counter top products
  • Highlight the great looks of high quality kitchen cabinets
  • All-natural stone for those who desire an ecofriendly counter top
  • Excellent stamina as well as durability with correct care
  • Immune to scrapes as well as damages from warm such as frying pans or warm hair devices
  • Good stain resistance as well as easy to cleanse when secured correctly

Granite Counter Top Drawbacks:

  • Inappropriate securing or failing to reseal granite when needed can result in discoloration of this porous stone
  • Inadequately secured granite may additionally nurture germs
  • There have to do with 20 various shades ranges of granite while other products are available in 100+ colors and also patterns
  • Corners may chip or break if a hefty things falls on them
  • There are several types of countertops such as laminate or wood that are much more cost effective (if not as pretty or durable).

To sum up the toughness as well as weak points of granite kitchen counters, the main benefits this product provides are distinctive charm and also outstanding toughness when properly kept. The largest potential downside is tarnishing that takes place when the house owner either acquires economical granite counter tops that haven’t been correctly sealed or stops working to reseal them when required.

Fortunately is that the majority of granite slabs are currently sealed at the factory with a surface that will last at the very least 5 years and also often longer. And also, resealing granite kitchen counters is rather very easy and also the sealant is budget-friendly.

Granite Counter Top Costs

Granite countertop expenses are more than some kinds, yet in accordance with various other top materials such as quartz, recycled glass as well as stainless steel. There is a series of prices based upon these variables:.

The product grade: Your alternatives typically consist of these qualities, and also the rate boosts with each upgrade– discount/builder/premium/ designer.
The ability of the installer: Your options include DIY, handyman, supplier, certified professional as well as a service provider provided by a designer, and also rates rise at each step.

The complexity of the job: The better the intricacy of the layout, the even more seams and the more difficult the side design is to produce, the higher the price will certainly be.
the expense of living in your area.

The granite countertop approximates you get will be based on a mix of the variables provided above, and you can see that there are several potential mixes. Below is the series of granite kitchen counter costs you can anticipate to locate:.

Product: $15-$ 35/square foot for price cut or clearance material to $125/square foot for costs granite pieces with a personalized edge.

Labor: $0 for Do It Yourself installation; $6.50 to $10/square foot for professional setup.

Products: $100 to $150/every 50 square feet of countertop for items such as fasteners, braces, grout and sealer.

This implies that your complete granite counter top costs will certainly range from about:

$ 35/square foot to $140/square foot.

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Granite Counter Tops Cleaning, Treatment as Well as Fixing

Well-kept granite countertops will look great indefinitely. The keys are regular cleansing with items developed for granite and a schedule of resealing the stone that maintains it resistant to staining.

There are lots of exceptional granite care items available for daily and regular cleansing. They are developed to get counter tops tidy without harming the sealant as well as are offered in spray and clean alternatives.

Here are a few fundamental tips for granite counter top cleansing and treatment:.

  • Clean up spills swiftly, especially oil and acidic foods such as tomato sauce, wine, coffee, fruit juice as well as soda.
  • Prevent damp glasses, pots, containers or other products from remaining on the counter tops.
  • Use a moist sponge or towel to clean minor spills and loosen dust.
  • Avoid cleaning with recipe soap due to the fact that it will trigger a deposit to accumulate that may eventually decrease the granite’s luster.
  • If a discolor establishes, utilize a discolor remover bag formulated for use on granite.
  • Use coasters if you’re likely to place glasses on the kitchen counter.
  • As a safety measure, utilize a pot holder or trivet under extremely warm pots or pans when putting them on the kitchen counters.
  • Utilize a cutting board to stop the sealant from being damaged by a sharp blade, which can make the kitchen counters at risk to discolorations.
  • Stay clear of common cleaners; Use only items formulated for usage on granite kitchen counters.
  • Keep cleaners with ammonia, vinegar, citrus or rubbing additives off of granite.
  • Place a plate or tray below a liquid soap dispenser to prevent the opportunity of staining.

Talk with your dealer or installer about the factory seal on the product as well as just how commonly to seal your granite kitchen area or restroom countertops. This is the most essential part of the treatment as well as upkeep they need. If you take pleasure in residence maintenance jobs, there are easy-to-use, budget-friendly products for polishing and also securing granite counter tops with just a couple of hrs of work.

Granite countertop chip fixing is fairly very easy also with Do It Yourself rock repair sets that consist of top-quality fluid chip filler that treatments strong as well as nearly undetectable. Coloring tint allows you to match the repair product to the granite.

Granite Countertops Do It Yourself Setup

Also most DIY lovers leave granite counter top installation to the pros. There are a number of reasons for this. First, the majority of the cost remains in the material, and also if it obtains damaged throughout Do It Yourself setup, the home owner should cover the expense of fixing or replacement.

In the majority of jobs, the labor price is relatively little– 10 to 20 percent of the total, relying on the quality of the granite as well as the intricacy of the kitchen counter installation. To put it simply, it’s not a substantial expense to spend for expert granite counter top installment.

Second of all, incorrect setup may trigger stresses on the counter top which will cause seam splitting up or cracking.

If you have actually obtained good experience with kitchen counter installation as well as an assistant with reliable hands and also a strong back, Do It Yourself setup is feasible. Make the effort to watch a couple of granite countertop installment videos prior to you make a decision which means to go in order to see what is entailed as well as to discover suggestions from specialist installers.

If it looks like a task you prefer to entrust to the pros, we can put you in touch with the leading granite counter top specialists in your location.

Are Granite Counter Tops Right for Your House?

Here is a list of questions to that will certainly assist you think through whether or not granite is the ideal material for your residence.

Is the higher price of granite counter tops in your budget plan? While you can conserve money on cheaper grades of granite and also inexperienced labor, a lot of professionals recommend making use of top quality products and a competent installer with outstanding experience. In both instances, you obtain what you pay for.

The length of time do you intend to stay in your current house? The longer you’re there, the much better worth granite becomes. With correct care, they’ll look and also do fantastic while you would certainly be changing less expensive counter tops every 5 to 15 years. If you intend to sell your home in the next couple of years, you possibly will not recover the cost of the granite counter tops in the sale price.

Are you going to be a little bit “fussy” with the care as well as maintenance of the countertops? This implies you’ll do things like wipe up stains immediately, avoid leaving damp products on the counter tops, utilize a reducing board and take extra care when getting rid of hefty objects from the top racks of top cabinets to stay clear of dropping them onto the granite. If you say, “no problem” to these preventative measures, you’re a candidate for granite countertop possession!

Do you have younger children who are prone to spills and not cleaning them up? When pre-teens and also teenagers make use of the cooking area, they could not have the exact same degree of care and also awareness that you do.

Is it important to you to make use of materials in your home that are eco-friendly? Granite is an outstanding selection since it is a natural product that requires less power and using no dangerous products to produce.

Do you worth sophisticated elegance greater than the small amount of time and also care it takes to keep granite looking its best? If you appreciate keeping quality products as opposed to making use of as well as replacing products that aren’t as sturdy, then granite countertops will certainly be a durable pleasure.

To compare products head to head, see our counter top overviews to marble, quartz as well as various other popular counter top choices. They’ll help you pick kitchen counters you’ll enjoy daily.